Music & Video

Live at the Freight & Salvage, Berekeley
with special guests Hank Bradley on bouzouki and Cathie Whitesides on violin and mandolin.

Se Yelasa (The Deceiver)
“You learned to deceive,
Anyone you find in front of you,
But don’t forget that I fooled you, lord, lord,
I burned your heart”

Imouna Kapote Ego (Once I Was…)
“I once was a fine young man in love with a beautiful charmer,
and everywhere we went the people gazed at us,
But she went off with another, and now my brain is cloudy and,
I care about nothing but smoking joints and the Argile”

Kouvenda Me Ton Xaro (A Conversation with Charon)
“Tells us Charon, and may you enjoy your black darkness,
Do they have hash, do they have hookas, our brothers in Hades?”

To Haremi Sto Hamam (The Harem)
“Hookas for him to smoke Turkish hashish,
and girls to dance the cifte telli”


Live at Amnesia , San Francisco
with special guest Hank Bradley on bouzouki.

Imouna Mangas Mia Phora (Hank taxim)






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